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Sherbiny has a long history of providing our services to the Oil & Gas industry. Our relationship with companies such as Saudi Aramco span over 30 years and we recognize its vital importance to the economy and development of Saudi Arabia over the years.

We truly stand on the shoulders of giants, and we are proud to serve our clients in the industry with the best products from around the world combined with our excellent local manufacturing, service, and support capabilities to add local value.

Onshore Refinery Offerings

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Solutions Offered

Tank Farm

Transfer Pumps

Fire Protection System

Gas Detection Systems

Cooling Towers

Cooling Water & Cycle Components

Chemical Dosing Systems

Safety Systems

Life Safety Solutions (Ex: Gas Detection)

Security Solutions (Ex: CCTV)

Signaling & Communication Solutions

General Offerings

Pumps & Compressors



Chemical Dosing Systems

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