Sherbiny's life safety solutions division is committed to delivering the highest quality turn-key solutions for our clients.

Sherbiny utilizes our wide network of trusted international manufacturers as well as our local assembly and expertise to deliver solutions that are suitable for the high standards of safety required by our clients.

Sherbiny is a regional leader in delivering life safety equipment and solutions to our customers. We offer the highest quality industrial audible & visual signalling equipment as well as cutting edge complete fire detection systems.

Sherbiny Life Safety Solutions

The main functions of our life safety systems are the following:

  • Integrated Fire & Gas Detection
  • Turn-key Fire Detection Systems
  • Complete turn-key life safety solutions
  • Industry leading equipment
  • Local services: IKTVA
  • On-site consultation / Service work
  • Refurbishment of existing systems


Sherbiny life safety solutions are fully modular to ensure our clients get the exact specfiication they desire.

Standardization across our product line enables us to deliver unique combinations of equipment that are fully integratable into one turn-key solution complete with installation, commissioning, service and technical support.


Sherbiny is a proud local partner in Saudi Arabia for all your life safety requirements.

Our equipment packages are assembled and serviced locally, while utilizing the highest quality engineering talent.

Sherbiny is committed to strengthening the Saudi economy with local content production, and insuring personalized service. We understand the needs of companies and clients within the Kingdom through our decades of business experience in Saudi Arabia.


Sherbiny utilizes our wide network of international brands, as well as our local facilities to develop the best possible life safety solutions for our customers.

Please see our Signalling & Communication page to learn more about our life safety equipment.

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