Sherbiny offers Samplers & Sample Conditioning equipment to ensure our clients can effectively collect representative samples, including automatic varients that remove human bias.

Our sample conditioning equipment allows you to condition samples to meet your specifications to maximize efficiency and accuracy based on your process environment.
Our Selection

Automatic Samplers

Sherbiny offers automatic samplers that utilize efficient controllers to effectively collect samples without human bias. Our samplers meet the highest international and industrial standards.

Features include:

  • Liquid, Slurry, Powder, or Solid sampling
  • Cross-Cut Samplers
  • Point Samplers
  • Strip Samplers
  • Sampler Controllers
  • Wide range of accessories

Manual Samplers

Sherbiny offers Manual Samplers to sample hazardous process streams in a safe manner. Our samplers protect our operators and the environment by minimizing the escape of harmful vapors.

Features include:

  • Aseptic Samplers
  • Low Emission Samplers
  • Sample Collection equipment

Sample Coolers

Sherbiny offers sample coolers to effectively cool liquid and slurry samples.

Features include:

  • Various flow thresholds
  • Helical coil sample cooler

Heat Exchangers

Sherbiny offers heat exchangers to effectively exchange heat in your process. Our heat exchangers are flexible and can meet a wide variety of application specifications.

Features include:

  • Spiral tube, tube-in-tube, or full boiler blowdown systems
  • Configured to your specification
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