Sherbiny Process Heating & Air Pollution Solutions specialize in different types of industrial burners, shut-off valves, and burner management systems into complete turn-key solutions for all your combustion needs.

High Quality Equipment

Sherbiny has a wide range of high quality products sourced from our trusted network of international manufacturers. Our combustion equipment are highly efficient to guarantee maximum productivity. Learn more

Equipment available:

  • Oil & Gas shut off valves
  • Various industrial burners
  • Industrial boilers, ovens, and thermal deoilers
  • Incineration Chambers

Burner management systems

Sherbiny provides complete burner management systems to fully control and operate burners for your heating needs. We offer control panels and accessories to integrate burners into efficient intelligent systems.

Features include:

  • Temperature controllers
  • First out annunciation
  • Weatherproof enclosures
  • Hazardous conditions acceptable
  • Highly visible indication lights
  • Easy-to-operate switches
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