Sherbiny offers a wide range of explosion proof equipment solutions to secure your facilities against any risk.


Sherbiny provides a wide range of explosion protection such as flameproof enclosures, intrinsic safety and pressurised enclosures. We offer the entire range of Ex solutions for use in different zone and class applications.

Sherbiny enclosures will guarantee that your most vital equipment is secure and safe from any exposed risk.

Sherbiny Premium Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Complete product range through the design of customer-specific solutions.
  • Project engineering, production and commissioning of switchgear cabinets and control cabinets from a single source.
  • Combination of all types of explosion protection technologies.
  • Guaranteed explosion protection for high-performance built-in components with large dissipation of heat loss.
  • Globally accredited numerous international certificates.
  • Robust enclosure versions and seawater-resistant enclosure for extreme temperatures ranging from -60 °C to +70 °C.


Sherbiny offers complete explosion proof lighting solutions that are managed as complete turn-key projects from the design stage to the installation of the necessary equipment. Sherbiny will guarantee optimized and uniform illumination throughout your facilities with maximum efficiency and safety.

Sherbiny offers customer-specific lighting systems with best in class Ex luminaries, as well as complex PESO, ATEX, IECEx lighting systems and central battery systems.

Sherbiny Premium Benefits

Sherbiny's partnership with international suppliers grants us in-depth knowledge of LED technology throughout our entire range to guarantee low energy consumption, minimal maintenance requirements, and uniform illumination customized to your needs.

Benefits include:

  • Individual lighting design for optimum and uniform illumination.
  • Conformity with national and international laws, standards and directives.
  • Long service life coupled with minimum maintenance effort.
  • Customer-specific lighting system optimised to ensure low investment, maintenance and operating costs.
  • High-performance diodes provide excellent luminous efficacy.
  • LED luminaires improve safety considerably.
  • Ideal for use in extreme temperatures and in harsh industrial environments.
  • Luminous intensity can be controlled depending on the ambient brightness.
  • LED luminaires reduce energy consumption, decrease operating costs, and are environmentally friendly.


Sherbiny utilizes world leading automation technology from leading manufacturers to provide the latest complete system solutions which are optimally adapted to your operating conditions.

We combine our explosion-protected system solutions with implementation in state-of-the-art Ethernet networks, the integration of diagnostics data in plant asset management systems and with wireless communication solutions.

Furthermore, Sherbiny offers explosion proof surveillance and security systems to allow operators plant-wide views of operating facilities to monitor and guarantee safety.

Sherbiny Premium Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Robust Design
  • Certified for world-wide operation in hazardous area and onboard ships.
  • Resistant to corrosive gases.
  • Vibration and shock-proof.
  • IP66 certified.
  • Control systems available with touchscreens.
  • Suitable for extreme temperature ranges.
  • State-of-the-art camera technology in hazardous areas with Full HD, ONVIF Profile S, WDR and defog function
  • IP or analogue versions for real-time transmission.
  • Electropolished stainless-steel enclosure in compact design.
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