Sherbiny offers different types of connection components and couplings to ensure that machine shafts are securely connected. Our products are suitable for various types of industrial applications and sectors.

Sherbiny's wide network of international partners ensures that our clients receive the absolute best quality products from around the globe.
Our Selection

Highly Flexible Couplings

Sherbiny offers highly flexible couplings & accessories to ensure that critical torsional vibration amplitudes and torque shocks are dampened and controlled.

Sherbiny highly flexible couplings reduce life cycle costs by improving the availability of all drive components.

Features include:

  • Flexible
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Transmitted torques range up to over 500 kNm
  • Modular design
  • Cost-effective

Variable Speed Couplings

Sherbiny offers variable speed couplings & accessories to optimize the operation of gas compressor stations with engine driven cooling fans. These variable speed couplings regulate the speeed of fans to maintain optimum performance.

Features include:

  • High reliability
  • Increased availability of compressor stations
  • Less power consumption
  • Lower emissions & fan noise
  • Wear-free hydrodynamic transmission
  • Can be integrated into new or existing systems
  • Higher gas production
  • No need for Bi-annual adjustment of fan blades
  • Power ranges from 45 - 110 kW
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